I think I’m a vampire.

Or maybe I just need to get adjusted. Bah! I don’t know.

Because I’m NOT a vampire and I know this because only vampires never sleep…or that’s what Stephenie Meyer says, anyway. PLUS, I don’t have fangs…or super strength and speed…or the ability to put protective bubbles around people?? (Yeah, we can talk about how lame that was later.)

You see, I have this strange problem. I am EXHAUSTED all day long. Can’t keep my eyes open, physically tired. All I want to do is collapse on my bed with my hand to my forehead sighing, “Rodrego! Saaaaave me!” (And faint!) just like Elizabeth Taylor as Amy in the 1949 version of Little Women. Oh how that one is my favorite!

BUT! Come 9:30 pm, and guess who decides to come out of hibernation? Yes that’s right, my energy level. No amount of caffeine can arouse it during the day, but let the sun go down and there it is!

How frustrating!

And I swear on a blood-written oath that I don’t lay around napping all day. I have an eight month old, for goodness sakes. So what’s a nocturnal, yet sleep deprived, girl to do? Probably go to the doctor. But I really hate taking medicine. Something Mr. Darling and I have in common. I’d probably just sneak it into Elizabeth’s food bowl.

(Now don’t freak out and call up Sarah McLachlan. I wouldn’t poison my dear, sweet kitty cat. If you’re confused you just need to brush up on your Peter Pan references. Sheesh.)

Anyhoo…if anyone reading this has any advice for me, medical or not, I’d love to hear it. Usually I just lay there and bore myself to sleep.

I guess I’ll go do that now. The light of my laptop seems to be keeping my husband awake.

With love, Malorie