When Tim is not home I dress Jack how I want.

Boy oh boy, do I love him too!

Tim teaches the drumline at Whitewater High School and today they had an Indoor Drumline Competition so he is not home. (I hate when Saturdays feel like Mondays.) It’s just me and the Bubs at home today.

This morning Jack started to get the hang of the “cruising” thing. He’s pulling up on just about anything that is taller than him and trying to walk along it. He even stood on his own, not holding on to anything, for about three seconds today! AH! He is growing too fast! I know every mother says that, but it is so true! I wish I could store up all these little moments in a bottle that has a really tight cork.

Jack is napping right now. I think when he wakes up I am going to give him an extra-long squeeze.  Maybe if I squeeze him tight enough and often enough he won’t grow as fast.

With love, Malorie