This just in: Tim and I have decided to eat healthier.

If you know us, you are probably thinking, “Yeah, right!” And honestly, I’m thinking that myself. But I (hopefully we) reeeally want to do this.

A couple of days ago I talked about how I’m always tired. Always. I get headaches daily. I also at some point almost everyday feel just terrible (nauseous, lethargic, cranky). So I started thinking to myself…

“Why do I always feel like this?”

The only thing I could trace it back to…my eating habits.

I. Love. Junk. Food.

I love candy and chips and popcorn and cookies. For breakfast I have sugary waffles, or a bagel with a fatty spread. I have already cut the Pop Tarts out of my diet because I would feel so sick and lethargic for hours after eating them in the morning. For lunch I usually eat leftovers from what was for dinner the night before, which was usually something processed and greasy, or I eat nothing at all. (C’mon Moms, you know how it is. Skip a meal and you don’t even know it!)


No wonder I feel horrible!

So I talked to Tim about it candidly. Last night, we decided to make a change. He doesn’t always feel as sickly as I do, but he recognizes that he doesn’t lead a healthy life-style in eating habits. We want to be healthy and live a long time, for our sake and the sake of our kids. Jack eats so healthy right now! Fruits and veggies and whole grains! I don’t want to ruin his diet and start him on the path of unhealthy eating habits as soon as he hits table food, just because that is what Tim and I eat. How can I tell him to eat his green beans if I never serve or eat them myself?


That’s the thing! Tim and I both love healthy food! We just don’t buy and eat it for the simple fact that it is usually more expensive and time consuming to prepare. Four letters for ya. L. A. Z. Y.

Well that’s it! We’re done! Healthy eating from now on! I am hoping that blogging about it will help to hold us accountable.

Please, hold us accountable.

Also, who wants the two boxes of Girl Scout cookies we bought two days ago?