I just finished eating Papa Johns pizza for dinner before small group tonight. I don’t really love the pizza from Papa Johns, but I do love the garlic dipping sauce from there, so I guess you could say it levels out to a nice even “like”.

Instead of putting the ingredients on that sauce they should just put, “You DON’T wanna know.”


Well, I’m feeling like a slacker. I was supposed to blog on Friday on my Elrods Go Disney account.

I didn’t.

We were actually in Disney at the time seeing a Braves Spring Training game. So I thought, “I’ll just blog on Sunday once we get back.”

I didn’t.

Saddened, I told myself, “It’s okay! Just do it on Monday during one of Jack’s naps!”

Mm Hmm. You guessed it.

I didn’t.

Jack is teething and his naps are broken up. PLUS, I only had about a billion things to do around my house since I have been gone the past two weekends to Disney. On top of that I have been driving to North Point the past three Sundays at 5:15am for KidStuf rehearsals and performance.

Bah! Can Mama just get a break!?!

[And Kim Thompson, can you play me something slow and miserable on that there violin of yours?? Just to set the mood, you see, as I whine and complain a little more.]

Wah, wah, wah. Boo, hoo, hoo.


Thanks for listening, friend.

With love, Malorie