Today Jack and I went to see my friend Stacey and her son Jacob!

Stacey and I have been friends since 6th grade, and we are really more like sisters. It’s a lot of fun to have boys so close in age. Jack and Jacob were able to interact with each other more than ever before today, but give them about three to six more months and they will be more on the same playing level. So fun! Here are some shots I got.

Of course kids of that age never stay still for a decent picture.

Meet Jacob.


He wouldn't smile for me so I asked him to show me his teeth. Those are his teeth.


A snotty-nosed, teething Jack Jack.

Finally, a smile!


Once we got home Jack went down for a two hour nap, after sleeping about forty five minutes in the car! Sleepy boy. Fun wears you out. But it was nice because it gave me plenty of time to do what I needed to….

…clean my carpets!

Yeah….we still don’t have out laminate floors and our carpets were just getting disgusting. Again. So we shampooed them. Again.


I am so ready for those new floors.

Welp, for an update on my kiddos of the furry sort, George is doing well! He has adjusted just fine! He seems to feel comfortable here and follows Tim and I around all day. He’s playing and eating and getting into kitty trouble (ie. eating Tim’s computer charger cord).

Elizabeth on the other hand needs a prayer and an anger management class. Maybe a kick in the hind quarters too, but we’ll give her at least a week before we go there. šŸ˜‰

With love, Malorie