It’s a sad day. Poor George is no longer an Elrod.

He really was a good cat. He didn’t get in much mischief, he was cute, fun and full of energy. But he had one fatal flaw and it was that which was responsible for his demise.

He refused to use the litter box.

Ugh! What cat won’t use a litter box??

I promise we did all we knew how. We gave him his own. We scratched his paws in it. We scolded him when he pottied on the floor and praised him when we went in the box. But still he would scurry to secluded corners and poop. In the living room. In the dining room. In our bed room behind the laundry basket. Remember how I just blogged that we shampooed our carpets? Well, we’ve had to use that carpet cleaner everyday since George has been here.

Then today the line was drawn in the sand when he peed on our bed.

That cat made me want to say cuss words.

So Tim packed him up and drove him back to the place from whence he came. Back to his Mom and Pop and siblings.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss him a bit. I think Elizabeth is missing him too. They were actually playing together today and I think she was liking the idea of a friend. But, I also know it’s better for my sanity, french, and for Jack crawling around. I cringe at the thought of him finding cat poo before me. Ehck!

So, so long Georgie. I loved you while I loved you. I wish you only the best.

With love, Malorie