Jack had another play date today.

Well, maybe it was more of a Mommy date for Kim and I, but it was nice all the same.

I got some really great pictures of Oliver while they were here and I just had to share ’em.

Someone's got those bottom teethies!!

What is that face??

Seriously, Oliver? Stop it. Too cute.

Clark is one big ball of runnin’ energy. Kim, good job on eliminating the BPA because he has no shortage of testosterone. 😉

He got in trouble only a couple of times. This is a picture of him sitting in a time-out after using the potty by himself. That makes it sound like he got in trouble for using the potty…he didn’t. He got in trouble previous to using the potty for being too rowdy. (T.M.I.?) Anyway! Note his creative way of re-dressing. Love it! Those holes in your pants are good for more than just looking like a cool New Kid on the Block. It’s a great way to convert your pants into instant shorts…you know…with little calf-capes on back. Ha! Ohh, Clark-the-Shark. You rock, dude.

Here’s to glorious youth and good times with friends!

With love, Malorie