Ugh. It has been such a busy day!

Busy week!

We took Jack to his nine month appointment today! He was such a good boy. I think he really enjoys going to the doctor. He only got in trouble once for trying to push the buttons on the scale while the nurse was weighing him. Haha!

Silly boy.

In reference to my early stats, he weighs 23 pounds and 10 ounces and his length is 29 3/4 inches. I think I was pretty close in my guess-timations. 🙂

Jack is napping now and I am considering doing the same. Yesterday I had a rehearsal for a thing I’m doing at North Point Drive Conference on the 29th (seriously, to call it a “thing” is all I know to do. It is hard to explain. It’s a grid with people. I’m on the bottom middle. We do a ton of squats and some jumping jacks and hold up signs….I swear it looks cool. It is North Point we are talking about, after all.) and then last night I went to see Peter Pan by Three-sixty Theatre. Again.

Aaaand I want to go again.

I went with my two best friends, Julie and Stacey. It was so nice getting to see them both, because they are both seriously my best girl-friends, but they don’t hang out with each other. One went to high school with me, one didn’t. So they know each other, but just haven’t ever ran in the same circles. It was nice though, last night, having two of my favorite circles merge. Stacey and Julie enjoyed the show…but of course, not as much and not in the same way that I did.

Ugh. It is just the best. Seriously. You gotta go. They are only here until April so go quick!

I guess I just love it because it is so like the book and the original play that was written by J. M. Barrie, yet with the CGI technology and theatre in the round, it makes you feel like you are really there. And I really want to be there.

Seriously. This is my crazy comin’ out. I warned you earlier not to judge me.

I really hope Heaven is a lot like Neverland. Beautiful and mysterious. Ever re-newing. Rampant with adventure and the joy of eternal youth.

Yes. That’s what I hope Heaven is like.

And maybe God will let me fly, too. And have wings??

Okay, I better shut up now. My mind is a-racing.

Jack is waking up, so that is a good excuse.

[Bad form, using your son as an out to your silliness. Ah well.]

With love, Malorie