Oh sweet Springtime! I’m so glad to see you.

I just googled “Springtime” and these are the images that came up. I’m going to post them sporadically throughout this blog. They are like a breath of fresh air to me.

Thinking of Nanny.

I just have the urge to write about how annoyingly happy I am right now. Not annoying to me, I’m quite enjoying it, but maybe to others. I know I tend to get annoyed by other people’s incessant joyful ramblings that seem to be tinged with a bit of a bragging air. I promise I’m not meaning to brag. I’m just really happy, that’s all.

Pretending this is me.

Tim and I got up and fed Jack quickly this morning so we could rush out the door to Starbucks. We wanted to spend a little time together since we have not seen much of each other lately. We drove separately because he had to be at work for a meeting at 10:00.

On the way, I was noticing how beautiful of a day it was and just then a bird dashed in front of my car! It was a light brown bird of nice size, and she was quick and not flying too low, so there was no threat of hitting her, but she was flying at the perfect speed and right at eye level for me to notice the small twigs she was carrying in her beak.

Oh, I just loved it!

She was most definitely in a hurry, and I just imagined her taking those small couple of twigs back to her already-started nest. She is probably making ready her cozy spot where she will watch over her little baby-bird eggs.ย  Or maybe she already has a nice nest made, but is ridding it of a few of the old worn twigs and and replacing them with new sturdier ones for a fresh spring season. A little spring cleaning, if you will.

This is me too.

It was a nice thought, which made me think of my friend Julie. The one I mentioned that went to see Peter Pan with me…Well, I just found out this weekend that she is expecting! Yay! So that little bird reminded me of her and all of the cleaning and planning and preparing she will be doing this spring, summer, and fall. Little babies, bird or human, bring such joy! I’m so excited for Julie and her husband Chris!

Then at Starbucks, I saw Shia LeBeouf. I had heard he was in Peachtree City and it seemed that everyone I know had run into him, except for me. But as Tim and I were sipping out coffee, talking to a nice couple from church, in he waltzed with a very pretty Asian “friend”. He kissed her, so I’m assuming “friend” is an understatement…but I’m not TMZ so I won’t make assumptions and start rumors. ๐Ÿ™‚ He was greasy and dirty, but still somehow good-looking.Ugh. Pretty people. I would love to not shower for days and leave the house and have people still think me attractive.

I thought this was a funny one to put after talking about Shia LeBeouf, but you have to have a Spring bunny at Easter.

When it was time for Tim to head to his meeting, I came home to put Jack down for a nap. He didn’t seem to keen, so I rocked him a minute and sang a couple songs to him, one being Pure Imagination from Willy Wonka.

Hold you breath, Make a wish, Count to three…

…If you want to view Paradise,

Simply look around and view it..

This may sound silly, but as I was singing that part I thought, “You know, how true.”

Lately I have been kinda stuck on that optimistic, see-the-beauty-in-it, I’ve-got-the-world-on-a-string kind of mood. You can tell that just from reading my past few posts. Like I said, it’s probably been annoying to read about, but it’s been nice for me.

I think I'd like to live here for the Spring and Summer. I imagine there is probably a pretty lake nearby

I’ve started a Love Door. Or that’s what I’ve been calling it anyway. I’m taking every little thank you note, wedding/baby shower invite, birthday card, you name it, and taping it to the inside of our front door. I usually hang up all of our Christmas cards like that, because I love to look at them and think about the people that thought about us. So when I took those down this year I thought, “Why not do this all year long?” That way at the end of the year, as I’m taking down the Christmas cards, I can look back on all of the other notes and cards we have received all year long. A nice way to look back and remember and think about things or moments you might not have thought of. A sort of visual-affirmation after a long day, too.

I like it. I’m excited to watch it grow…maybe even run out of room.

I hope, dear friend, that you are having just as blissful a day and I. If I knew the name and address of all who were reading this, I would send you a little note myself, so you could start a Love Door or Wall, yourself. Maybe if you left your name and address I would.

With love, Malorie