Welp, Hallelujer! I made it to the flip-side!

Yesterday was the longest day of my life…and yes, I’m exaggerating. But it really was a truly long and busy day.

I got up at 7:00am, got ready, blogged, packed for all three of us to spend the night at my parents’ house, got Jack up, fed him, dressed him, made sure I didn’t forget anything, grabbed my script, and headed out the door. By 10:15am I was at Grandma and Grandaddy’s house to drop Jack off for the day, got back in the car for another long haul up to North Point for a 12:00pm call-time. Rehearsed, rehearsed, rehearsed. Sat in the same room with Brian Littrell for a couple of hours (he was also performing in Session 3 of Drive Conference with us!), while a few other big-name North Point-ers passed through like Jeff Henderson and Andy Stanley…and yes, I’m name dropping.

At around 4:30pm it was time to go on, all that practicing for probably a minutes worth of “performing”. It was worth it. My hubs got it on video. You can check it out if you want, since I did a terrible job explaining it before. I’m in the bottom middle square. The video starts about four eight-counts into it.

After I was done, I jetted over to the KidStuf theater where I had a 4:00pm call-time. It was 5:00pm. Oops! (It’s okay, though. I’m not fired. My director knew I was gonna be late.) I shed my jumpsuit and converted into karate-kid Taylor, tried hard to get my brain to shift gears, skimmed over my script, had two run-throughs, quickly ate a BBQ sandwich (my first real meal of the day) during production meeting, checked my problem-causing mic (I swear that thing hates me. EVERYTIME!), and by 7:45pm, started the show! It went well, with one little green-screen glitch, but hey…what can ya do?? In the end, it was all good…and YES, I was exhausted!

Whew! We spent the night at my folks’ house and this morning, got up and trucked it back home to PTC. I had a really great day yesterday, I’m just really needing some R&R now. Luckily, Jack is sleeping right now so maybe I can get some…in between doing laundry and dishes that is…[sigh].

Oh! And this is a big deal! We re-tiled our fireplace!

It. Looks. So. Much. Better. Here are some pics.

Before. Tim pulling up that terrible-looking tile.

Oops! Ripped up the wall.

Luckily, my husband is a genious.


Grouting. Yes, I'm using my fingers. Isn't that how you're supposed to do it?

Waiting for the grout to set.

Cleaned it off and voila! Brand-new fireplace!

We are pretty proud of ourselves because we are NOT D.I.Y. kinda kids. We thoroughly enjoy paying someone else to do it! However, with our budget and type of house we have, a little sweat equity is what we needed. We don’t want to invest a ton of money into this house, because we WON’T get it back. This is just not that kinda neighborhood.

Up next, our wood floors!! Yay! We have already bought them and are planning on installing them in the next two weeks! I can’t wait to post THAT update!

Dang it! Just heard the drier stop. Gotta go fold some clothes.

Ah, the work of a housewife is never done. 🙂

With love, Malorie