Yesterday was such a fun day with my boys!

Once Tim got home from work, we went shopping. Looked at lots ‘o things, but ending up only coming home with diapers, wipes, and two new throw pillows! Love them. So much better than the black and red ones we had before. They bring a little more sunshine to the room, if you ask me.

The flip-sides.

The aqua is pretty much a spot-on match to the curtains in our living room. I am wanting to go to a fabric store soon and buy some fabric the color of that goldeny-yellow pillow for some curtains in our dining room.

After shopping, we stopped for dinner at Teds. We had a gift certificate, so we ate to our hearts delight and Jack tried rolls, baked potato, a piece of a french fry, and a lick of a cucumber! It was a night of new experiences for him, because after that we went to the park! He loved it. He got to swing for the first time! Then we sat by the lake and watched the ducks for a while. I think he was amazed that the animal I always tell him about (he has toy ducks) was actually real.

Walking on the cushy ground.

Trying to get away. It was like he knew he was supposed to play there!

Headed over to the swings.

"I need your help."

"Seriously. Stop taking pictures and help me."

First big push...

Sunny day!

Loving it.

Yay! Clap clap clap.

Mommy can swing too!

We all had a really great time. I can’t wait until he gets a little older and runs all over that playground. We are so blessed to live where we do. There are no parks like this over in Henry County.

After we got home, I put him down for bed and Tim and I got some quality time for a few hours. I needed that. I have the best husband. Man oh man, am I a blessed girly, or what?

With love, Malorie