Jack is teething again.

I hate that for him because he just gets miserable when he teethes. He’s dramatic…like his Mommy.

He’s been so whiney, and today he is whining about things he never whines about. Like when I leave the room. He usually doesn’t even act like he notices, but today he would just sit down and cry. He wants me to hold him…and he never wants anyone to hold him…he is usually on the go, go, go.

Poor bubs.

I’m ready for all of his teeth to just come in already and be done with it!

He’s napping now, so I should really be getting some housework done before Small Group comes over tonight.

Ah well. Fiddle-dee-dee.

Today is Monday and the second week in my Proverbs Wife of Noble Character. I’m enjoying it so far. Several times thoughout last week I would catch myself feeling ho-hum, or just plain worn out and I would think to myself, “You’re value is worth more than rubies.” What I was doing was important and I just need to persevere. It worked.

This week is verse 11.

Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value.

Proverbs 31:11

The Message says “Her husband trusts her without reserve, and never has reason to regret it.”

Nice. I want my husband to trust me. I want him to lack nothing in me.

When I originally read this, I seemed to think it was saying that she lacked nothing of value. She may not have it all; riches, the nicest, most “in-style” wardrobe, a huge craftsman-style home with the best fixtures and furnishings, or even beauty for that matter, but those are just things. Nothing of any real value. What is valued is her health, her faith, her strength, her perseverance and determination, her work ethic, her joy, her kindness, patience, love. She lacks nothing of value.

But upon reading it this time, I’m seeing that her husband lacks nothing of value. He has no reason not to put his full, unwavering confidence in her. He trusts her to care for the family, make sure things are in order, support him in his work and endeavors, is the wife and mother he needs her to be, especially while he is out working. His wife adds value to his life and his work, and he trusts her completely while he is gone and while he is with her.

That is the wife I want to be to Tim. That is what I am going to work on this week. I want to be trustworthy. We always say that trust is earned. So this week, and hopefully forever more, I will be the wife that earns and maintains the full confidence of her husband.

With love, Malorie