This just in: I don’t have a baby anymore. I have a toddler.

Jack started walking yesterday.

Not a few steps at a time, like he was doing before. Like real I’m-getting-places-by-using-my-own-two-feet walking. I’m really excited for him, but I’m kinda bummed at the same time. I feel like he has already reached and conquered so many of his “first times”.

First time he smiled: check.

First time he rolled over: check.

First laugh: check.

First time he crawled: check.

First tooth: check.

First time he pulled up: check.

First steps: check!

I mean how many more “first times” does he have??? First time he goes to school? First time he asks for a cell phone?? First time he drives a car???

Ahhhhhhhh! I’m not ready for this!! Time goes by waaaaay too fast.


Guess this means it’s time for number two. [wink wink]

Alright, just gotta share these pictures I took yesterday morning. My bubs loves to sleep. He usually sleeps twelve to thirteen hours a night. I guess that is what keeps him so happy and smiley all the time. If I got that much sleep I would probably walk around giggling too. Anyhoo, when I walked in his room to wake him up, this is how I found him! Haha! Too funny. I grabbed the camera and made Tim get out of bed to come see him too. Can’t miss this kind of picture opportunity!









Just so you know, the snapping and flashing of the camera still didn’t wake him. It took some slight nudging and sweet “Jack Jack…”-ing to get him awake. Did I mention that he loves to sleep?

With love, Malorie