I know this is nothing new, but I had a really (and I mean really!) terrible night’s sleep last night.

Another vampire moment, I guess.

But maybe I really am turning into a vampire this time around because today, to my complete surprise, I am not tired at all! Crazy, huh? I have actually had the energy, even without sleep, to accomplish everything I wanted to this morning, and quickly at that!

So far I have swept and mopped the floors, did a full load of dishes, and started a load of laundry! Oh and lets add that to feeding Jack, chasing Jack, “No, no, no-ing” Jack, changing three diapers (one being a poop), and putting him down for a nap! Now I’m actually enjoying a second cup of coffee and blogging?!?

Wow. I feel accomplished. 🙂

And thankful. So thankful that I’m just gonna list some things that I am thankful for today. (Could I say the word thankful anymore in one sentence? Probably.)


Things that make me thankful for thankful things, and for them I am thankful.

1. My energy level and my God that never fails to supply my every need.

2. My husband. He left me the sweetest note on Facebook this morning.

3. My son.

4. Coffee. Always thankful for coffee.

5. Sunshine and warm days!

6. Washing machines, dishwashers, and Swiffers. Seriously, is a housewife’s job really that hard theses days? We are the Jestons, people.

7. Mickey Mouse, because when I can’t make my son smile after bumping his head, Mickey can.

8. Family. Always my family. I’m not always thankful for the drama that comes along with loving people unconditionally, but I’m thankful for the at-the-end-of-the-day-they’re-always-there-for-you that comes along.

9. Easter. All holidays for that matter.

10. Jesus. Because he is risen and alive! Death couldn’t hold him, and now, nor I!

With love, Malorie