Happy Easter!

The Elrods have had a very Happy Easter, indeed. This is how our festivities “went down”, if you will.

On Friday night it began with a trip to Grandma and Grandaddy’s house (aka. my folks). We spent the night with with them that night. We had gone shopping at North Point Mall that afternoon and spent the evening at their house eating pizza and lime sherbet and watching Tangled.

I. Just. Love. That. Movie.

Silly, I know.

The pizza was good, as was the lime sherbet, but it made me sick. Bleh. (There is some foreshadowing in that statement.) However, overall it was a pleasant night.

The next morning we got up, ate breakfast, and hopped (Hehe…like my Easter wit?) in the car to drive to MeMama and Grandpa’s house. You see, growing up, I cannot remember an Easter where we did not go to MeMama and Grandpa’s house for lunch, egg-coloring, and egg-hunt. We have always done it and I vow that I always will. I have so many fond and fun memories like these in my family and I want something terrible for Jack to have those same type memories. So far, we are off to a good start.

Jack colored eggs, he hunted eggs, and he even ate a little lunch and took a cat-nap to boot. It was a great day with family that I love so dearly. There is nothing like family gatherings. There is something in them that just makes me feel merry and “at home”. I just know that is what Heaven will feel like.

We came home and I put Jack to bed while Tim ran some last minute errands and set up the drum kit for our church Easter services the next morning. We are so blessed to be able to attend a healthy, growing church that truly cares for the un-churched and strives to guide them into a healthy, growing relationship with Jesus Christ. The same Jesus Christ that died on a cross for our sins and rose three days later, leaving an empty tomb, and the hope of life. We held service at an outdoor amphitheater in Peachtree City and quite a crowd turned out! It was a really great service, and despite the blazing sun and pressing heat, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The Holy Spirit definitely moved, in our church and in me, of that I am sure.

After church, we headed home and prepared dinner for our immediate family; my mom, dad, and sis, and Tim’s mom and brother. We had Honey Baked Ham (Yum!), creamed corn, green beans, and crock-pot mac ‘n cheese. We are from the south, can you tell?? It was so yummy, but moreover, it was so nice to be able to commune and spend time with the people we love MOST in our life. It’s been such a lovely day, I am for certain that it couldn’t have been lovelier.

I hope you had just as wonderful an Easter with the people you love most. I think our Savior smiles over us on beautiful moments like these thinking, “This is just a taste, my Beloved. Just a taste.”

With love, Malorie

Happy Easter! With love, Tim Malorie & Jack