Jack’s name for the day is Party Boy.

I mean c’mon…only Party Boys are up at 11:30 pm, eating snacks and hiding out in closets.

And only Party Boys are cranky, cranky the next morning.

Yeah, his name for the day is Party Boy.

But Party Daddy and Party Mama are just glad that the storms that hosted the big event didn’t come too close. Our concern wasn’t really as much the tornados as the big gusts of wind. We have lots of trees around our house, and not all of them in the healthiest condition, so when we have storms I always get a little nervous about one of them falling on the house. Party Boy’s bedroom is in the back corner of the house where a lot of the trees are located. Kind of scary. So when we were under a tornado warning last night, we set up his pack ‘n play in our closet. Fortunately, the storms and strong winds passed over by about 1:00 am, so Party Boy was able to get back in bed for the night.

We are so thankful that God was watching over us last night. We are praying for those that have lost their homes or even loved ones in the bad weather. With all of these strangely and unusually strong and frequent storms, earthquakes, floods, tsumanis!…I can’t help but think the end times are near. So know him well, my friend, know him well.

I hope that you and yours stayed safe from the storms as well. If you were up late keeping a constant vigil, maybe you can go join Party Boy now for a nice, long morning nap. 🙂

With love, Malorie