Last night was just lovely.

After I got Jack in bed, I…

1. finished watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, which I had not been able to do since receiving it on Easter (I have the best hubby!)

2. while watching, I made a paper sack skirt. I didn’t make it from a pillow case, like instructions call for, but instead out of an old skirt that my Nanny bought me that I never wore because it was too long. I could never get rid of it because it was one of the last things she got for me, but now I think I will actually wear it. I always loved the print, but it was hard to walk in because it was so long and narrow.

3. once the movie went off, I crawled in bed and read several chapters of Anne of Windy Poplars. I am borrowing the series from my good friend Kim. I know she probably thinks I forgot that she gave them to me, but I promise, Kim, I didn’t! I am reading them! Just slowly…because I feel like I never have the time to read like I used to. I have always loved Anne (I watched the movies growing up) but I had never read the whole series. I am so thankful Kim let me borrow them because I am just loving them. As usual, the books are so much better than the movies.

Lastly, I floated off to sleep around the late hour of about 8:30pm! Oh what a night! My hubby came to bed about an hour later (I think?) and woke me up. We talked for a while and then we were both asleep between 10:00 and 10:30pm. It was so nice. I needed the rest something awful. I feel much better today than I have in weeks.

I think I’m going to have a repeat in a few days. Who’s with me?!?

Man. I’m getting old.

Tomorrow I am getting my hair chopped off! Hoorah! I had a bad dream about it last night. Lets hope it all turns out okay…I’m sure it will.

With love, Malorie