Today is a good day.

Remember a couple of posts ago when I did a little foreshadowing? Well, I’m excited to finally tell you what it was all about.

Tim and I are expecting our second child!

We are sooo excited! We started trying around the end of February, and here we are, May 12th, about 8 weeks pregnant!

Our first go around with Jack it took us 10 months to get pregnant, so when we decided we were ready to start trying again we really prayed that God would give us a child soon, and boy did he!

A lot of days we feel like it’s a girl.

Some days we have no idea.

Some days I really want a girl.

 Today, I really want another boy.

Typical. Right? I guess we are just going to go with the usual, “We really just want a happy, healthy baby, no matter the sex.” And yes, that’s true.

This pregnancy has been a little different than the last so far. I’ve been a little more queasy, but nothing a Lemon Head or peanut butter cracker can’t fix, and though I was tired at the beginning with Jack, I feel like I am ten times as tired this go-around. But that may be because I have an almost 11 month-old to chase after and I can’t just go lay down whenever I want.

But it’s all good.

I’m getting pretty stoked about being pregnant again. I really enjoyed it the first time.

I can’t believe that soon I’m gonna look like this again!

And have another one of these!!

And need to break back out and stock up on more of these!!!

And MAYBE even some of these!!!!

I will definitely be wearing one of these this summer.

Or it may look more like this…can’t decide.

Either way…I won’t be flaunting this.


But boy, girl, summertime muffin-tops, or wintertime fits of “nothing to wear”, the thing I am most excited about is becoming a family of four. Yay!

With love, Malorie