It’s another softball night for Tim, so that means I am at home “alone” again tonight.

Sweet bubs is tucked in and sleeping sweetly in his bed.

Baby Bear in my tummy is trying to convince me to eat something sinfully sweet.

The Real Housewives of Orange County are shopping, partying, and causing drama, as usual.

And I am turning my brain to mush by bumming around online.

Summertime is heavy on my mind, especially of late when the weather seems to be rebelling against the changing of seasons. I even blogged about summertime and the beach on my Disney blog today. So in honor of sun, butterflies, picnics, and warm breezes, I Googled the word “summer” and picked five images from the first page that popped up that just…spoke to me. Here ya go.

This one reminds me of an air-brush shirt you would buy on vacation.

I just want a whole day of nothing but this.


*Disclaimer: Some shady images pop up when you Google “summer” so beware.

*Note to self: Don’t name your daughter Summer.

While browsing blogs tonight I read a quote that simply said,

“Silence is the best response to a fool.” -Unknown.

Nice. Very applicable to a situation Tim and I have been living recently. Silly, petty drama that doesn’t deserve a post of it’s own. Just know that if we were filming the Real Housewives of PTC right now, ratings would be sky high.

Ah well. The nature and “luxury” of living in a fallen world, eh?

I think I need that cookie now.

With love, Malorie