Jack Jack is a big boy now!

As if he wasn’t already.

Yesterday he took his first ride in his frontward-facing car seat! Tim and I were probably more excited than he was, but he thought it was pretty cool too.

He was pretty excited because we were excited.

I might love this picture because you can see the peak-a-boo pink in my hair well.

We were driving out of our neighborhood in these next few. I love his face in realization that he can see so much more facing forward.

We were headed to a graduation party for Tim’s small group guys he’s been leading for the past three years. Jack had a blast at the party. I think he thought the party was for him the way all of the grad’s moms kept doting on him. His favorite party activities were chasing a puppy around the house and splashing in the pool.

“Hey guys! I’m here! The party can start now!”

Lost the shirt.

Soaked. Him and me.

The guy in the white shirt was his new buddy. Jack actually reached for him the first time he saw him. He also loved that he shared his super cool sunglasses with him.

Trying to put them back on.

That little boy is a nut and a half. And boy do we love him. Our big boy.

With love, Malorie