Looks like we’ve made the switch.

Jack is officially a once-a-day napper.

Today was the first day that I let him intentionally skip the first nap that usually takes place sometime in the 10am hour. He has skipped it before, but for specific reasons; because we were out and about or because he had to stay both hours in Waumba Land at church. But if we were at home doing our usual grind, he always took a morning nap.

Then he started fighting it..and when he did take a morning nap, he definitely wouldn’t want the second nap.

I was frustrated. But today I just bit the bullet and let him skip the first. We had a good time. We ate breakfast and played, as usual. Then we took a walk and came back in and played some more. He was in a surprisingly good mood up until about 11:50. So I gave him his bottle and fed him lunch. It wasn’t ten minutes after he ate lunch and he was out like a light.

For 3.75 hours!


I think I’m liking this one nap a day deal. That much consecutive time to myself was amazing! Why was I fighting it, again?

Now he’s laying in his bed, talking quietly to himself as he drifts to sleep. Just like every night.

He’s such a good boy.

Another thing that makes me excited is all of the new foods he is eating! Today he ate as follows:

Breakfast: Banana low-fat yougurt + whole piece of wheat toast

Mid-morning snack: Watermellon

Lunch: Peas (not pureed) + two Gerber meat sticks + Buddy Fruits puree pouch (Thank you L.B. and Rowan for introducing us to those!)

Dinner: Jar of chicken noodle dinner + half jar of fruit medley + garden tomato Lil Crunchies + grilled chicken, steamed broccoli, and au gratin potatoes off my dinner plate!

Can you say growing boy? And such a good, healthy eater. I hope he keeps it up. I want him to always love his fruits and veggies! He’s been inspiring Tim and I to eat healthier, since he is eating off of our plates now.

Here’s hoping we can keep it up.

Just another day in the Elrod house!

With love, Malorie