I am 11 weeks this week!

And yeah…I’m kinda showing a bit. Guess that’s the blessing of the second pregnancy?? If I wear a loose fitting t-shirt you can’t tell I’m pregnant at all, but I have a feeling that will change quickly here in the next few weeks.

This is how much I was showing with Jack at 11 weeks.

I don’t know. Part of me feels like I’m showing about the same…it just looks a little bigger in the red and cropped like that. Eh. Neither here nor there, I guess.

I’m still feeling like it is a girl, but still most days preferring it be a boy.

As for names, let me tell you. Tim and I are not the type to keep it a secret. I know that works for some people and it’s really exciting keeping the secret and announcing it at the birth, but that just doesn’t float my boat. I like to know and I don’t care if everyone else knows. Plus, lets be honest, you can’t be truly original these days unless you are willing to go “off the wall” and then people usually just make fun. We just need to accept that there is going to be another person in the world with the name you pick. There is no such thing as “name stealing.”

We had Jack’s name picked out by the time we found out his gender. We plan to do the same this go-around. I like Gummy Bear, but I don’t want to call it Gummy Bear the whole nine months. I feel like calling it by name really helps me bond with it, and I really like the feeling of praying over it by name. We did with Jack, and we got everything we prayed for.

So far we are going with names that were in the running when we were naming Jack. They are as follows:






We both like other boy names, but Cole is the one that we consistently agree on. Other names Tim likes are Chase, Cameron, Micah…I don’t mind Micah, but it seems to be a popular girl’s name these days. We already have a Cameron on my side of the family and I hate Chase. I just don’t want it to be a foreshadowing of personality. I feel like a Chase would be high, high energy and loud. Other names I like are Logan, Crosby, Gideon…I have always loved the name Gideon. Sounds like a warrior to me. A good sturdy Bible name. Tim hates it. He does like Logan though.

We’ll see. It will probably be Cole.We like the middle name Timothy after Tim, but it’s not a must.

As for the girl, it will be Lorelai. We both love, love, love the name Janie and when we talked about our little girl before we always referred to her as Janie. However! We cannot have Jack and Janie. Here’s why:

1. It’s a store. Janie and Jack. Cute stuff, but over priced.

2. They are both J. names and it just sounds cheesy. We will always get the question, “Oh are you going to name all of your kids J. names?”

The answer: No.

3. Our kids will be 18 months apart. If the date falls right, possibly exactly 18 months apart. I do not want to hear the inevitable, “Oh! Are you going to be like the Duggars? Do you want to have a lot of kids close together and name them all J. names?!”

The answer: NO!

So maybe if we have a third child and it’s a girl we will go with Janie. But if this one is a girl, it will be Lorelai.

And yes, the initial inspiration came from Gilmore Girls, but we also just love the name. I am okay with people asking me that one. Gilmore Girls is one of my favorite shows and I’m not ashamed of that.

As for middle names, Tim wants Ann, after my middle name. It seems like everyone on my mom’s side of the family is an Ann or a Ruth. I am an Ann. But if we go with Ann, I want it to be Ann-with-an-E. I’m sure it’s quite obvious why.

Also considered is McKenna, Fiona…although Fiona is more my pick and not Tim’s.

So whaddya think?

Any opinions? Especially in the boy names?

The Name Game is so much fun. I just love day dreaming about them. Writing them. Yelling them.

Yup…one of my true tests is to say them sternly as if they are in trouble.

“Jack Hatcher! I don’t think so!”

See?? It just works. Jack Hatcher is a great name.

Going for great name number two. Until then…we’ll stick with Gummy Bear.

With love, Malorie