I love budgeting.

Budgeting rocks!

And no, I am not being sarcastic.

I think in every marriage there is The Spender and The Saver. One that tends to be more lenient in buying things, eating out, etc, and one that tends to be more cautious. The tightwad, if you will.

Well, when it comes to Tim and I, I am the self-proclaimed (but I’m sure Tim would agree) tightwad. I have always been The Saver when it comes to money. Growing up, when I got birthday money in the summer, I would make it last until Christmas. When I got Christmas money, it would last until my birthday. A good system.

Tim, being the leader of not only our family but our household, is in charge of our finances as well. Of course we consult each other on everything, but he is the final call on our expenses and keeps up with them marvelously. When it came to sitting down and doing our budget, however, being The Spender he is, he was adamant about each of us having our own allotted blow-money, or fun-money, each month.

Never in my life have I ever considered money something fun or something to “blow.” I only bought clothes or shoes or other such luxuries when I absolutely needed them. To this day my closet is mostly made up of clothes that were given as presents or hand-me-downs from family or friends. I’m fine with that….but having my own blow-money??

Needless to say, I was excited.

I’m still excited. It’s pretty cool.

Today I got a new pair of shoes. Yahoo! Like, they are new! Not a pair that is mostly new that my MeMama bought but couldn’t wear so she gave them to me. (And by the way the shoes I take from my MeMama are usually very cute.) And I bought them just because. Just because I had blow-money and I liked them. So here they are.

You like? I like. I’m excited to wear them at the beach in a few weeks.

So here’s to budgeting and getting a little money to call my own for no good reason.

With love, Malorie