Tim’s at another Braves game tonight. He went with Zack. I’m glad they are getting brother time.


Before he left I told him it was time for a date night.

This just in: I can’t remember the last time we had a REAL date night. Like just the two of us. Not coffee before small group or Group Link. Not a run to Walmart. Like a D.A.T.E.

I’m thinking now that the last time might have been Valentines.

That was a funny story.

Just picture us. Dressed nice. Going to Outback. Ending up at Chopstix, a Chinese place here in town. Then home.

We had a good laugh over how silly our night was and chalked it all up to being parents.

So yeah. It’s time for a date night.

In the meantime, life is chugga-luggin’ along as usual.

I just finished the 5th book of the Anne of Green Gables series. I think I blogged that I am reading them in the past. I borrowed them from my friend Kim so long ago and I am just now finishing them. There is one more to read that she didn’t have, so it’s hi-ho to the library I go in the next few days. I want to pick it up before we go to the beach in a few weeks.

As for a review of the books, they are fantastic. Divine to a literature-loving soul. I love Lucy Maud Montgomery’s writing style. She is so descriptive and uses vocabulary that even I have to sometimes look up, but I am sure was common to the educated person in her day.

Side note soapbox: How lame and slurred and generally untaught and disrespected has our language become today? We live in a world where gonna and kinda are not considered cute spelling or grammatical errors anymore. And if that isn’t proof enough, just read the Facebook statuses of any high school student. Take your pick! They make mistakes like using “to” when it should be “too,” or “your” when they should use “you’re.” And don’t get me started on incorrect punctuation….

Your so cute I lovee you to. Wat do you wanna do saturday.


Soapbox: Closed.

As for Lucy, she wrote eloquently in the dreamy tongue of Anne. I also loved how simple and conservative the times were in Avonlea. I would love to live in a place where we weren’t tempted to waste our day away on computers and televisions and phones. If you wanted to talk with someone you paid them a visit, and if you timed it right, there was a good chance they would ask you to stay for tea. Breaking a promise was a big deal. Courting, or dating, someone was a big deal. Marriage? A BIG deal. Something permanent and sacred.

Things are so different today. These books were sometimes therapeutic for me. If I had a long, hard day I would tell Tim, “I’m going to go read Anne.” I’d slip into her world of simple pleasures for a few chapters and feel much revived.

That is what I love about books. I am the type of person that can be whisked away by them. I don’t see words, but people, pictures, scenarios, worlds.

I hope Heaven has a great big library I can lock myself into for a few decades. That would be nice.

After Anne, what’s next on the reading list, you ask? Don’t laugh. The Percy Jackson series. I’m curious about them. What can I say? I’m a jack of all genres.

With love, Malorie