Today was a great day filled with fun surprises!! This is what went down:

I led worship both services for the kiddos in UpStreet this morning. During second service my mom took Jack back to our house so that he wouldn’t have to stay in Waumba both hours. Little did I know her, my dad, and Hannah were brewing up some secrets.

After church Tim and I headed home. We arrived to find that my mom had put Jack down for a nap, cleaned a little in our house, hung up laundry, and set out a newly bought Publix Cookies’ n Cream cake!! YUM!!

They sang Happy Birthday to me, cut the cake, and gave me a card with a new Peter Pan Hidden Mickey pin and some fun-money!

Side note: I collect official Disney pin-trader Peter Pan pins. “Hidden Mickey” pins are generally pins that are found on Cast Member lanyards meaning you cannot purchase them, you must trade in order to obtain them. Do you see the Hidden Mickey in this one? I know…I’m a nerd.

Tim and I had not eaten lunch yet so my folks suggested we go out for a lunch date together, and since we had a gift card for Carrabba’s we thought, “Well…okay!”

Tim and I had a wonderful and yummy lunch together. It was so nice eating a meal and not having to worry about Jack. [big sigh]

Once we got back home, my mom had pretty much completely cleaned everything there was to clean…including my nasty master bath, which is often the object of my neglect…it’s my “dirty little secret.” I swear I’m a clean person…I just HATE that bathroom!

My mom and sister hung out with us most of the day while my dad ran his wrestling school. We took a walk, drank coffee, played with Jack. What a great day. I’m so thankful for them.

I will never ever take them for granted.

With love, Malorie