A nagging spouse is like the drip, drip, drip of a leaky faucet; You can’t turn it off, and you can’t get away from it. Proverbs 27:15-16

I am more and more considering myself a “Proverbs Wife”. Definitely not so much a Wife of Noble Character…that is a work in progress, and I fear it will always be…but just the type of wife and girl that lives by Biblical Proverbs. I turn to them often for advice and wisdom. I love to read them daily and try to apply them to my life. They are just so straight forward, honest, and applicable. Why not live by them?

Well today, I think that Proverbs 27:15 more clearly defines me than Proverbs 31. I have been disgruntled, short tempered, and snippy ever since lunch. Why? I don’t know. I refuse to blame it on pregnancy hormones or a lack of needed sleep. Those may be a factor, but I am a daughter of God, and I should be able to control my attitudes regardless of my emotions.

It’s called self-control.

Yeah, one of those little things known as the Fruits of the Spirit. I guess you could say I’m not bearing much fruit today.

Of course I was sweet as pie tonight when we were having dinner at our friends’ house. I just made sure to emphasize that I recently beat Tim at a game of checkers and announced to the whole room that his standard of a clean George Foreman were not up to par with mine. Do you know what that is called?


God commands husbands to love their wives as Christ loves the church, and He also commands wives to RESPECT their husbands. Yes, respect. That which I was not doing all day today.

And you want to know what is worse? Tim didn’t say anything snotty or short back. He just sat there. He loved me.

Looks like someone owes someone else an apology.

Looks like someone is well on their way to becoming the type of wife that is like a leaky faucet, or that it would be better to live in a desert than to share a room with.

Looks like that someone is me.

Tim, if you are reading this, I know I may have already said this in person, but I love you. I’m so, SO sorry for the way I have treated you today. There is no excuse for it. Thank you for loving me anyway. If I have another day like this, just come read this post and know that no one in the world matters to me the way you do and I want to be the wife you need. I’m in this forever.

With love from your leaky faucet, Malorie

PS. Yes, I am still doing my weekly Wife of Noble Character, but haven’t been blogging about it. Maybe it would help if I got back to doing that…

Also, my next post is going to prove to you just how wonderful my husband is.