The Elrod’s feet are set firmly back on that red Georgia clay, and though we are slightly missing that snow-white Florida sand between our toes, there is something bitter sweet about being home and taking a seat back into your front porch family swing of things.

I admit it, I enjoy our family’s swing of things.

We spent all of last week, Saturday through Saturday, at Grayton Beach, which is in between Destin and Seaside. Oh, it was just wonderful! Some lovely family friends of ours lets us stay at their newly built beach home (how generous is that?!?) and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

I will spare you the play-by-play of our trip, because I am sure that even in your tamest of dreams you could imagine what we did each day. It was your typical vacation of soaking up the sun, walking hand-in-hand at the waterline with your best friend and husband, shopping, dining, and front-porch-sitting when the rains set in. The only details you might not brew up in your mind would be three full days of dizziness and fatigue for me (I guess Gummy Bear wanted me to know that he/she knew they were at the beach, as well) and a Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 midnight premier. The theater that we saw the movie at was a great theater, but their system of shuffling close to 3,000 people into 14 theaters by midnight was terrible. However, the movie was redeeming, and my wonderful hubby even scrounged up enough white cheddar popcorn cheese from two different condiment stations to last the whole bag, which made me joyful to the last kernel! If you haven’t seen the movie yet, see it! It was fantastic.

Side-note Harry Potter Review: Of course I could croon over the books as J.K. Rowling is just genius in her writing style and character and story development. The movies do decent in the beginning of living up to her vision, but I started to get disappointed in what was left behind by the 5th and 6th movies. However, I do realize it is impossible to cram all of that action and info into movies unless you plan on making some Pride and Prejudice-esk HBO special. By the 7th movies, though, I felt that they did a great job of summing up what they needed to in a sort of need-to-know kind of way. The other themes and motifs like those of anti-prejudice flare with S.P.E.W. or “love conquers all” with the love of mothers for their sons, or the unrequited but faithful love of Snape, are all little savories for the beloved readers of the novels. They are our little secrets that solely movie watchers don’t have and can’t truly grasp unless they read it for themselves…because lets face it, it can be hard and lengthy to explain. In the end, I was pleased with the film and plan on seeing it again this Friday.

As for summing up our trip, it was nice to just simply get away; to kick my feet up, spend seven solid days with the love of my life and my fantastic family, and let Grandma give Jack Jack his bath several nights in a row. 😉 Thank you, Grandma!

Hope you had a wonderful week, as well. Be lenient on me as I ease my way back into “real life” and the blogging world.

With love, Malorie