Like funny-weird, not funny-haha.

The other night I was making my nighttime I’m-pregnant-that’s-my-excuse-and-I’m-sticking-to-it snack. It was a snack that my husband made a weird face at the first time he saw me eat it when we got married, and maybe it is out of the norm, but it made me start thinking about all of my little quirks.

Our little quirks.

Isn’t it funny (funny-weird) how different we all are…and based on the way we were raised and the surroundings we are in, we do things that are different from other people. So here are a few funny (funny-weird) things that I do. Who knows, you may even find a few of them funny (funny-haha)!

1. That snack I mentioned before? It was just two Eggo waffles with butter and grape jelly. About 75% of the time I eat frozen waffles I would much rather eat them with butter and jelly than syrup. It’s like toast!…except different…

2. I can’t drink a glass of milk (which I rarely do anyway) without ice. Milk that is not ice-cold is just gross to me.

3. Oreos and peanut butter. A lot of people turn their nose up at this, but I think Lindsay Lohan made it more acceptable after her Parent Trap promotion of it.

4. The only way to eat a Pop Tart is to toast it, eat the crusts, gently slide the top off of the bottom, eat the bottom, fold the top in half, and enjoy a a smaller version of your Pop Tart with icing and sprinkles on BOTH sides!!

5. I hate dust. This doesn’t mean my house is always dust free, but it means I notice it. But the thing I am more conscious of is dust in my drinks. If I have a drink out for a while I prefer for it to have a lid. Dusty drinks, eck!

6. I can’t sleep at night unless I have Vaseline on my lips and a cup of (covered!) water by my bed. This is a true story.

7. I hate showering. There. I said it.

8. I genuinely feel that Cheese Puffs only get better the more stale they get.

9. Every plate of food that I eat, I silently and most of the time subconsciously, rate each item based on flavor and the speed at which it will get cold. I then eat them my least favorite to favorite, saving the best for last. Unless the best gets cold the fastest, then I have to re-evaluate things…

10. I love movie quotes and I can link almost any happening in daily life to a movie quote or song. It’s an art. I get it from my mother. Most of the time it annoys my husband.

So what about you??

What are your funny (funny-weird OR funny-haha) quirks??

We all have them. Don’t be shy. Lets hear it.

With love, Malorie