Ah hem.

Let me start off by saying that I have nothing to say.

How profound.

All I know is that I don’t feel like doing another load of laundry, picking up the toys (again!) strewed about my living room floor, or sweeping, mopping, dusting, or anything that would earn me a Gold Star in Housewivery today.

Instead I feel like reading a book or blogging. Since I just finished tomorrow’s Fun Facts ‘n Trivia blog on my Elrods Go Disney site, I shall just stay online a bit longer and write a rambling note to you. (If you get bored with me today, just move along to Facebook or what-have-you, and fold up this note and stick it in a drawer or back pocket to re-read on some boring rainy day. I shan’t be offended.)

I must admit that getting back to my housewife duties has been rather tough this week. I just feel so lazy! Can’t you blame laziness on pregnancy?

Yeah…didn’t think so. Dang.

I decided today that in order to motivate myself I need to make lists. Lists of what I want to accomplish this week, this day, whatever! Lists. I don’t know, it just feels like a good idea to me. So here’s somethings that made it on my lists.

1. Make that darn framed chalkboard I’ve been wanting to make for, oh I dunno, MONTHS!

2. Get new curtains for the dining room.

3. Make a Disney vacation chain. (Because the simple act of taring a cut, glued, and stickered piece of paper off of the one I made for the beach really made mine and Tim’s day each day. Silly I know, but it’s the simple things, people, that truly bring joy to the monotonous.)

4. Nail down the names we want for our new baby be it boy or girl. We have TWO WEEKS until we find out!!

5. Make another list of wardrobe must-haves/basics that I need to buy. I’m planning on enlisting Lanie Beth Sinclair to help me with this, because although I am not a fashion misfit (I do have a sense of what is in style and what looks good) my closet does not reflect it. At. All. Marriage and motherhood has slowly turned my closet into that of the Goodwill, with hand-me-downs and high school left-overs and it is just despicable. Time for a good clean-out. Not as much of a What Not to Wear as much as it is a What to Buy so I Have Something to Wear Other Than My Dad’s Old HS Wrestling T-shirts.

And those are just some of the items on my lists. Should you have “Make a List” on your list?

Lorelai: It’s repetitive.

Rory: And redundant!

Lorelai: It’s Repetitive.

Rory: And redundant! 


Here’s hoping you are being much more productive than I.

With love, Malorie