Happy Hump Day. I’ve made it halfway through the worst week of my life each year.

I know..that sounds so dramatic, but it’s true. This is the week I always dread.

Week two of Whitewater Band Camp.

All that means is that Tim has to work extra-long days. He is home and awake maybe three hours of the day? The rest of the time he is either at Southside or Whitewater HS. Jack actually didn’t get to see him all of Tuesday and most of Monday because Tim would leave before he woke up and come home after he had gone to bed.

Needless to say, it stinks and I hate it.

I may or may not be addicted to my husband. Quality time and physical touch are my top Love Languages…can you tell?

However, I do know that my gripe is a small one indeed. There are lots of families out there that don’t see their husbands and daddies for days, weeks, maybe even years at a time. I can’t even imagine if Tim were in the military.

Pieces. Pieces on the floor, that is what I would be.

I am so blessed, and I just have to keep reminding myself in my istsy-bitsy woes that I have it easy. Tim has an amazing job, and teaching drum-line at Whitewater is an amazing opportunity in addition to that; not just as an outlet for him, but as a financial cushion for us as a family.

Hello. We do tend to vacation in Walt Disney World for weeks at a time. Thank you, Whitewater HS Band Program.

So here’s celebrating the fact that I have made it halfway through the one week of the year that I hate most, and also to the fact that in the grand scheme of things…

I have it sooo good.

With love, Malorie