Ooo wee, I’ve been so productive during Jack’s nap today.

I blogged.

I showered.

And I finally made the framed chalkboard!


I went to Rockin’ B Antiques this morning, just as planned, and wanted to spend about $100 on tons of little home doodads. However, to my fun-money budget delight, I only spent $15 and got this awesome framed mirror!

This picture was taken right as I got home. It was the perfect color, the perfect size, and with a little cleaning and love the perfect fit for what I wanted to do.

The next step: a good cleaning, taping, and coat of chalkboard spray paint…

…or five coats…

After that dried came the fun part.

I used the side of the chalk and rubbed the whole chalkboard with it. Then I erased it. This gave it that old, schoolroom chalkboard look. I didn’t want it to look perfect. I kind of wanted it to look like a kid made it.

Next the picture and quote and voila!

I kinda love it and since I already had the paint and chalk, it cost me a whopping $15, a Mommy’s shopping morning out, and a little crafting time during Jack’s nap.

1. Make that darn framed chalkboard I’ve been wanting to make for, oh I dunno, MONTHS!

With love, Malorie