In case you haven’t heard…

…although I think most people have heard because of yesterday’s Elrods Go Disney posts, which you can read here and here

Gummy Bear is a boy!!!


We are so excited that excited just doesn’t sum it up.

Also, his name is Cole. I know I shared with you a few name prospects a while back and confessed Cole to be our top-runner. Well, it stuck. And we went with Timothy for a middle name, after his Daddy.

I do so love knowing the sex. It makes things much more special. It feels so real to Tim and I, and I already feel one-thousand times more bonded with Cole. He is real to me now, instead of a bump in my belly and a chocolate craving around dinnertime.

Now I can’t wait for Christmas so I can hold the little bubby in my arms!

Maybe I’ll make a paper chain for that too.


With love, Malorie