Monday, August 15: Pick an item to remix 3 times over the next 3 weeks (can’t be jeans!!)

Okay…well, as promised, here I am participating in the 21 Day Challenge! Before I get started though, I wanted to show you where I’m coming from. So I took a picture (eek!) of me in what I usually wear around the house on weekdays.

YIKES! I didn’t say it was pretty.

Yeah, that’s honest-to-goodness me this morning. A stunning airbrush t-shirt from…oh yes, 1998!…and a lovely pair of Mickey Mouse pajama pants.

Now, don’t freak out! When I leave the house I do get dressed, but it is usually in the easiest thing I can grab out of my closet. Jean shorts. T-shirt or tank top. And yes, I do apply some make-up to that washed-out face you see.

Today I was excited to get dressed with a purpose, though. I was supposed to pick a Remix item that I will try to wear different ways over the next 3 weeks. I thought that was pretty great because I do tend to get stuck in a this-goes-with-that kind of rut. But I upped the anti a little bit and picked something I not only wear one way, but it’s an item I bought a year ago and have never worn!


That’s right. Never. And after today, I don’t know why. It’s this little number. The grey skirt.

I got it from a department store (don’t remember which one) with some birthday money my MeMama gave me right after having Jack. It is admittedly short, but cute in that school-girl kind of way. I love the big buttons down the front. And the pockets! Pockets make any piece better. Of course I now have the top two buttons held together by hair ties, because my 22 week pregnant hips are spreading a little too much to wear it completely buttoned.

Oh those glorious tricks we Mommies do to stay in our regular clothes longer.

For my first look with the Remix skirt I just paired it with a long black tank to cover the gaping fly, and added a little color with a necklace. Black flip-flops on the tooties. This is how I would typically wear it. I tend to casual things down.

Leave the house: Why yes I did. A little maternity short shopping with Jack since we leave for 9 days in Disney in a few weeks, and lunch with Tim and his staff.

Critique: Much more comfy and Mommy-friendly than I thought. So for today, I have a win in my wardrobe exploration.

I can’t wait to see how I’m going to switch it up in the future!

With love, Malorie