Tuesday, August 16: Tuck it in

PhotobucketToday the rules of the 21 Day Challenge are pretty straight forward. Tuck. It. In!

I decided to go with a nice men’s, white undershirt tank (a wife-beater, if you will) with a cute navy tie, tucked into my favorite maternity short.

Nice, huh?


Were you worried?

No, this is what I’m actually wearing today.

Yes, the wife-beater, my husband’s tie, and my favorite maternity short made the cut, but in a much different way.

Obviously, for me and my bowl-fulla-jelly-belly, tucking any form of shirt into short would just look, well ridiculous. So I racked my brain and came up with a different approach. Why not tuck a tie into a cardigan? Of course the belly was still a bit of an obstacle, but I thought the general affect and idea was a good one.

Yesterday I saw that lots of women listed their articles, and I thought that was a good idea:

Wife beater – Walmart, Fruit of the Loom ~$5 for a 3 or 5 pack

Cardigan – Wet Seal, sale rack $7

Maternity Short – Ross, sale rack ~$8

Men’s Tie – J. Crew ~$30-$40

Shoes – Target, Mossimo, on sale ~$10

Leave the House: Plan to! Maternity short shopping was a big, fat FAIL yesterday, so I plan to return to Ross where I’ve had past success. Also, the Elrod house needs AA Batteries ‘n such, so errands will be ran.

Critique: I feel cute! Which most Mommies know, doesn’t happen often. So today I give this outfit an A+ and I may just put this combo into the regular rotation.

Oh. Just had to strike and share my Tyra-couture-pose.

“Wanna be on top?!”

With love, Malorie