Wednesday, August 17: Mix patterns

I’m finally getting around to blogging today! Yay! It’s been a busy day.

Here is my patterned mix-up.

A floral button-down with a plaid tank. I kind of like the mix!

I paired it with a navy short (hair-tied, of course) and threw on my army green Toms…threw an over-sized flower in my hair and voila!

Floral Dockers button-down: I’m guessing J.C. Penny. It has bounced back and forth between me and my mom for probably 8-10 years! $0

Plaid tank: hand-me-down from a family member. $0

Shorts: L.E.I. I also have had these for years and years, so I have no idea where I got ’em or how much they were. $0

Shoes: Toms. Love. ~$50

Head band: Target $1

Flower: Pulled off a fake bouquet. $0

Also, you might notice a bit of a brighter lip than usual. My friend Kim and I were recently talking about how we would like to make bolder choices not only in our wardrobe, but our make-up applications. I’ve had this hot-pink lipstain lying in my drawer for a few months. I bought it but haven’t had the guts to wear it out. Going from a Vasseline sheen to a bright pink lip is a big change that doesn’t go unnoticed. But since I am taking part in this challenge, I thought now was as good as any to make a statement! I like it. I just have to get used to it. 

Leave the house: Yup. Busy morning with my boys. Breakfast out, shopping, etc.

Critique: Not loving the navy short choice, but I stuck with it anyway. I was just sick of the jean maternity short. Already. Not good. But as far as the mixing patterns, I like what I chose. I think it is kind of fun. I’ll definitely be looking for different patterns in the future to mix ‘n match.

What do you think about the plaid and floral? It’s okay…you can be honest. I’m a big girl.

With love, Malorie