Saturday, August 20: Get creative (wear something in an unexpected way)

I don’t know how creative it is to turn a long, flowy skirt into a dress, but with a baby bump and dwindling wardrobe, it was kind of my only option. I started with this white, Gypsy skirt and my Be Band (which is just the Target brand of a Bella Band).

I pulled the Be Band up as a sort of bra/tube top for extra coverage of the girls under a semi-see-through skirt. This is definitely one of those skirts you want to wear a slip with, or make sure you wear white or nude undies.

T.M.I.? Fair enough.

Then up, up, up went the skirt!

Add a sleeveless hoodie and belt and my outfit’s complete!

I am not even going to bother trying to list my items today. I have once again had each article of clothing for so long I have no idea where they were purchased or how much they were. The skirt’s tag has been long cut out so I don’t even know what brand it is! The belt was a last minute borrow from my little sis because we’re spending the weekend with my folks and I didn’t like the one I brought for the outfit. Thanks, Hannah Banana!

Leave the house: Uh-huh. A diaper run to Target and lunch at Truett’s. Yum.

Critique: SUPER comfy! I think I’m liking this for a pregnancy dress. This skirt has stopped getting use a long time ago, but maybe I will break it out a couple more times this summer.

Tim is playing drums at a conference today, so thanks to my lovely Mama for taking my pictures! We had a fun little fashion shoot on her front porch.

Welp. Made it through the first week of the 21 Day Challenge! So far, I’m really having fun. How about you?

With love, Malorie