Monday, August 22: Mix fancy and casual

Happy Monday, friends!

Has it felt like an incredibly long day to anyone else? Ugh. It’s just been one of those days where I feel like I’m going in housewife-cleaning circles while spouting a non-stop stream of “No, no, no!”s towards the wee one.


I did participate today, though. Here was my attempt at dressy and casual.

Fancy cropped jacket: Wet Seal, ~$15

Tank: Wet Seal, 1 cent. No. Lie.

Jeans: Pea in the Pod, ~$50

Silver wedge: Can’t remember.

I usually wear the jacket with nice dresses around Christmastime. I originally bought it for one of my wedding showers back in 2007. Wearing it with jeans and a ribbed tank was…different for me.

Leave the house: Of course. I never realized how many errands I run each day until I typed them out here. Sam’s Club and Publix run.

Critique: My arms must be getting chubby because the sleeves were tighter than I remembered. Not so comfy. The rest of the outfit was pretty typical for me, so I liked it.

Oh man…

Sorry for such a boring post. I’m just exhausted. I foresee a shower and reading a book in bed in the near future. Maybe more of those chocolate chip cookies Kim brought last night, too.

Nighty night!

With love, Malorie