Tuesday, August 23: Monochrom

Womp woooomp.

Yeah, I’m kind of skipping day 9 of the 21 Day Challenge. I could go grab something out of my closet and put it on for picture and points sake, but is that really what the challenge is about? Me thinks…no. It’s about stretching yourself and your wardrobe and having a bit of fun while you’re at it. You won’t find any cheaters around here.

Today, however, has been a splendid day. I had a doctor’s appointment this morning for Cole. I am happy to report he was healthy and happy and all that good stuff in between. I am doing fine ‘n dandy, as well. I can’t believe that my next appointment is the glucose testing and then after that I will be going back every two weeks for visits! Yes, I’m already that close!

Where has this pregnancy gone?

The good thing about a pregnancy that flies by is the lack of time to dwell on the negatives of the nine months. Also, I know that I will soon have little boy Cole in my arms and that is what I am really longing for anyway. Last go around I was kind of nervous about the “having a baby” part. Not the delivery, per say, but the “How am I going to be as a Mother?” part. The “What in the world is it going to be like to be completely responsible for keeping another human being alive?” part. This time, I am not worried about that at all. I know what it is like to bring an infant home (I just did it 14 months ago!) and the joys (even in the sleepless nights) that having a child can carry. I am very much looking forward to that again.

This afternoon I met a friend of mine, Lanie Beth, and her daughter, Rowan, for lunch. Lanie Beth is such a  sweet soul with an excellent sense of style. She definitely carries herself with a sense of sophistication that can be intimidating if you don’t know her, and she is so creative to boot! She came over today to sift through my wardrobe, since fashion knowledge is a strength of hers. We had a really good time talking Mommy-talk, girl-talk, and picking through pieces; throwing some in the Goodwill pile and some back on the hanger. We even got the scissors and seam ripper out and cut off sashes and cut out shoulder pads on pieces that I thought were long since lost. She made them work for me again, which I thought was amazing. Yes, my closet shrunk a little, but that stuff needed to go anyway. However, it also grew a little bit in places that I thought were gone! Needless to say, the time spent with LB was a win…and getting to see that precious face of Rowan’s wasn’t bad either.

Now Jack is napping and I am squeezing in a little Mommy-time before he wakes up.

Ahhhhh….what a glorious Tuesday.

I’m not disappointed at all in my day 9 non-response.

With love, Malorie