Friday, August 26: Jazz up jeans and a tee

Whew. I made it through the day.

This is what I wore.

I jazzed up my American Star maternity jeans ‘n plain white tee with that same ‘ol Bitten vest, yellow scarf, and a gold sequined scarf woven in.

Yes, I realize I’ve been vestin’ it up lately. I should have made a vest my remix piece. I could be rackin’ in the bonus points.

Leave the house: Yes.

Critique: Like.

Simple enough? Haha!

It’s been a great day, but a looong day…and after a terrible night’s sleep (or more like a terrible night’s wake…yes, it was another vampire night) I am just not planning on making it past 8:00 p.m.

The bubs is in bed, the hubs is out working late, the dishes are washing, the house is moderately “straightened”, so that means it’s a-book-in-bed time for Mommy.

I’m looking expectantly forward (Please, sweet Jesus, please!) towards a good night’s sleep and a wonderful Saturday with my boys. Hope you’ve had a fun Friday!

Which reminds me…have you stopped by Elrods Go Disney lately?

Shameless plug, I know.

I’m seriously rambling now and just need to wrap it up. I’ll do that with a nice and unexpected…

With love, Malorie