Saturday, August 27: Neutral base with a pop of color

Today has been just what I wanted. A nice relaxing Saturday at home. This is what I wore.

PhotobucketWent with a navy base with a pop of red in my tank top layering.

Red tank – Target Maternity $6.98

Navy tank – Banana Republic, on sale $9.99

Navy short – same ‘ol same ‘ol

Make up – Oh yeah! I’m not wearing any!

Leave the house: Nope!

Critique: This is my life. Aaaand I love it. 

This morning was full of chasing a one-year-old, fixing up diaper rashes, picking up clutter. Hosting my father-in-law, making cheesy potatoes and steamed broccoli. The father-in-law left, then…nap time…

Nap time was everything I ever wanted. As Tim and I were sitting in bed, he on his computer, munching Oh’s straight from the box, sort of watching Chopped on Food Network, he looked over at me and asked, “So is this what you wish everyday could be like?” 

“Yes.” I said, looking up from my book, between bites of my second, freshly microwaved Krispy Kreme doughnut, a steamy cup of coffee next to me. 

You see, just about everyday I ask Tim if he would just quit working. We could stay home all day together in bed, get fat, and live the laziest of lives. Or we could run away to Disney World. Either way would be fine by me. 

Of course you are already thinking about the obvious “money issue”. How would we live? How would we pay for our house? Our Disney World excursions? Our freshly microwaved Krispy Kreme doughnuts?

Well, that is the best part about dreams. They work out just perfect in your dreams. 

I love to dream.

With love, Malorie