We’re baaaaack!

We had such a blast in Disney. Our first day back, I had some serious vacation withdrawals, and I think Jack did too. For eight days straight we did nothing but fun things during his awake times. We went to parks,

went shopping,

met his favorite Disney characters,

went swimming,

ate yummy meals with more Disney characters…

…we were always doing!

I think that first day back, Jack had much higher expectations for going “bye-bye” than just going to Waumba Land at church…which he usually cries at upon getting dropped off. Oops. Sorry to bust that bubble, Jack. But good news, he is always all smiles when we pick him up, and he was this Sunday, as well. Just maybe not as smiley as he would have been if Mickey Mouse had been there.

Being home has meant being just as busy for me. Back to that good ‘ol housewife grind. I have been cleaning and doing laundry and such, and haven’t had much time to get online…thus my first Note from Neverland post three days after returning. I have also yet to edit and upload our vacation pictures to Facebook.

Hold yer horses! I’m gettin’ to it, people!

We are hosting small group tonight, so it will probably have to wait until tomorrow.

All that being said, getting back to reality also means getting back to whatever it was we were doing before we left. Which in our case, is planning and preparing for baby number two! We are in desperate need of cleaning out and whipping together a new room for Cole to come home to. Tim and I have bounced back and forth on several ideas for our little man’s nursery. This week we finally picked one. The funny thing is, Jack gets all the benefit!

We are moving all of the Buzz Lightyear and Woody decor to Cole’s room, and converting Jack’s room to a Braves Baseball/Mickey Mouse room.

Tim has been asking to make Jack’s room a Braves room for a while, so now is as good a time as any. To save the stuff we already have in his room (which we still like, by the way) we are going to just shift it all to Cole’s room!

I painted these canvases for Jack’s room when we decided to do the Toy Story theme. They will now be located one room over…

(Don’t mind the quality of this picture. We didn’t have our Rebel yet.)

…while these that I just painted yesterday will be moving into their place!

I love, LOVE painting canvases. The Toy Story ones were actually the first I had ever done. Yes, I free-handed both. I have always been decent at drawing, as long as I have a reference to go off of. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited about the switch. I think the baseball theme will be much more “toddler/little boy” for Jack’s room. He seems to like the look as well. This morning he ran to the freshly painted canvases and let out a big, “Ooo!”


Making my boys happy is what I live for.

With love, Malorie