I’m getting really excited about doing Cole’s room now. Like, really excited.

We are hoping to get it all done in one weekend, and we are hoping that weekend is this weekend. Although, I have yet to ask my mom if she will watch Jack, and our scheming all pends on whether or not she can keep him over night for a day or two. Eek.

Well, like I previously stated, we are changing Jack’s room over to Mickey Mouse Braves, and moving all of the Toy Story stuff to Cole’s room. In our decorating plans with Jack’s room, we wanted to make the wall colors and furniture pretty neutral so that switching up themes as he grew up would be easy. We also wanted to pick colors that weren’t too crazy so that when we go to sell this house we don’t have to paint over any baby blue, star-stenciled, kid-ridiculous walls. We are finding that we did a good job with our pickings, since it is going to be a breeze to take Toy Story to Braves in a snap! All that to be said, we are planing on making Cole’s room the same way; themed, but not to a ridiculous, super-committal degree.

I can admit to liking change.

In Jack’s room, three of the walls are Nimbus Cloud. I easily remember that paint color becuase of Harry Potter’s Nimbus 2000. (Don’t hate. I’ll go Cruciatus on yo hind.) It’s a soft, neautral grey. On the fourth wall, we did a dark navy about 3/4ths of the way up the wall, with a shelf across the entire wall and the Nimbus Cloud continued at the top of it.

For Cole’s room we are going with the same look, but we are going to do white on three of the walls, and probably a golden yellow on the fourth. I really wanted this wallpaper on the fourth wall…

…but alas, we are not millionaires. This wallpaper is by Jeff Lewis Designs, and from my calculations it would cost us over $600 just to do that one wall! Blast you, Jeff Lewis, and your amazing, clean-line, modern taste! I love his work…and his drama.

Our solution? Painter’s tape! I would love to do a much simpler replica of this with the golden yellow color. We’ll see, right?

As for Cole’s name in the room (because every baby these days has to have their name in their room, right? Ha! What’s with that? Ah, well. I’m following right in suit.), we are not going with the painted Hobby Lobby letters that seem to be the trend. I got inspired a few weeks ago when I was playing Mega Blocks with Jack. Today, I took these pictures.

They need a bit more editing, because I am no professional when it comes to photography, and the backgrounds are a little darker on the O and L. However, I kind of love them. I want to frame them in sleek white frames.

As for the rest of the decor, the canvases, stuffed Woodys (now do you spell a plural Woody with a ys or a ies?) and Buzzes, and the like will pull in the rest of the theme. I may get inspired in other little areas along the way, but we shall see. I’m just excited to get going on it.

So here’s to baby dreamin’ and creating spaces where babies dream!

With love, Malorie