Remember when I said we were going to tape out a much simpler version of this expensive wallpaper in Cole’s room?

Well, maybe I meant that we were going to do an exact replica of it…just on a much larger scale. We are also using two different widths of tape instead of one.

I’m kind of freaking out about how great it is looking. I can’t believe we are pulling it off. Can’t wait to share the finished project!

Last night when we were working on it Tim asked me if we could please put as much effort into re-doing our master bed and bath as we did in our son’s rooms and bathroom. I said absolutely, because right now our master suite (or master mouse hole in our teeny house) is pretty much a design disaster zone. Yuck. We want our master suite to look like this.

Now to decide where that project is going to fit into the budget after having a second child, designing his nursery, and buying a minivan. Yes, a minivan.


With love, Malorie