Longest. Weekend. Ever.

I am exhausted. I know Tim and Zack are probably exhausted too, because they have done a lot more manual labor than I.

As of right now, though, we have accomplished what we wanted for this weekend. A huge head start on Cole’s room, and completing the switch over of Jack’s room to a transitional toddler’s room.

Welcome to Jack’s new room! (Don’t mind these pictures, though. We have a great camera, but seeing as how I took these pictures at night, the lighting was terrible, and I’m no photo editor.)

Jack has a twin bed now! It is actually my sister’s old bed. I plan on getting a side gate for it and starting to transition naps to the twin. Hopefully in three months he can start sleeping in it at night so Cole can have the crib. Fingers crossed.

We moved Jack’s dresser to Cole’s room and moved our dresser to Jack’s room. Tim and I got a new dresser, which means our room is up next in the make-over department. Yessss!

I re-painted Jack’s name. It used to be lime green. Now it’s white with baseball threads.

The only things left to do are small and cosmetic, like find a new lamp, re-organize the shelf along the accent wall, etc. etc. etc.

Cole’s room is still under construction, but most of the “dirty work” is done. Here is a messy picture of our progress.

I’m so obsessed with that wall. It looks so much better in person. It makes the room look much larger and the color is a little more yellow than orange, as this picture might depict.

Thanks SO MUCH to my family for spending the weekend taking good care of my bubs, making sure he was thoroughly entertained and spoiled. Also, thanks to my bother-in-law, Zack. We would not have been able to accomplish so much in one weekend without him.

What’s next? Well, I’m off to bed.

Did I mention that I’m exhausted?

With love, Malorie