Yesterday I gave Jack his second ever haircut.

Disclaimer: I do not claim to be a hair stylist…I would not even consider myself a “hair cutter”, but I am a penny-pinching mommy and wife that can do a decent enough job to save our family the money of paying for haircuts. I’ve been cutting Tim’s hair for probably three years now, so if you ever see any pictures of him where his “do” is looking a little more “don’t”, it’s all my fault.

Tim asked me to cut his hair the night before, but Jack was already in bed, so I asked him if he would mind waiting until the next morning so I could get them both in one sweep of the clippers instead of having to get them out and clean up a hairy mess twice. He agreed.

Yesterday morning I got Jack out of bed and took him straight to the kitchen to cut his hair while Tim whipped him up an egg on the stove.

Jack, once again, did so well! I gave him the number four guard to hold while I attacked the back and sides of his head with the number three.

He needed the cut worse than I thought. I don’t want my son to look like a wooly-booger.

Not that you could ever make that cute face look bad…

The mop on top was just trimmed up a bit with the shears.

And ta-daa!!

We shed our hairy jams and ate our egg and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while Mommy cut Daddy’s hair. What a good boy.

It worked out perfectly and painlessly. Tim and I make a such a good team. We are both methodical, process-type people, so when we work out a plan and execute it together we get the job done!

Go Team Elrod!

With love, Malorie