I went to my 32 week check up this morning for Baby Cole.

32 WEEKS! Say whaaa?

So far Baby Cole is a healthy and happy snug lil’ bug in my belly. He kicks me almost all day long. It’s so funny how I can already tell how different this little guy is going to be from his big brother. Here’s some pregnancy comps, for those of you who are interested:

– With Jack, I craved salty…if anything at all. With Cole, I crave sweets…ALWAYS!

– Jack was shy. He would give a few good kicks, but as soon as someone put their hand on my tummy to feel, he’d clam up. Every. Time. Cole, he’s a mover! He loves to show off for those willing to watch or feel, and he loves to kick his Daddy right in the kisser when he’s talking to him at night.

– Luckily, I wasn’t sick with either pregnancy. However, with Cole, it’s pretty much a nightly routine that when dinnertime comes around, anything savory turns my stomach, but a nice big bowl of ice cream or a slice of cake sounds so satisfying!

– I had Braxton Hicks pretty early with Jack. Haven’t had them yet with Cole. However, I’m feeling a lot more pressure “down there” (if you know what I mean) when I’m on my feet a lot during the day.

– Jack’s heartbeat stayed pretty consistently in the 140’s. Cole’s has been gradually dropping each appointment. It was 125 bpm today. My midwife says that’s perfectly healthy.

– I was always thirsty at the end of my first pregnancy. It’s the same with this one. I’m calling it the Thirsty Third Trimester. Seriously. Can someone just bring me a big cup of water right now??

– For the most part, neither pregnancy has held me down. Praise be! With Jack, I jumped around and played a karate kid at North Point Community Church up until my 8th month. This go around I am still dancing in UpStreet, and I’m set to play Cammie in our KidStuf kick-off at Southside on Dec 2. In the words of James Brown, “I feeeel good!” [duh-nuh, nuh-nuh, nuh-nuh, nuh!]

In case you don’t know anything about my labor and delivery story, although Jack was a healthy and happy baby to carry, just like Cole, my labor and delivery was not so happy…or sad to say, healthy. Jack had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck twice, which caused his heart rate to drop dramatically during each contraction and enabling him to drop down into the birth canal, therefore enabling me to progress in labor. After lots of waiting, inducing trial and error, plummeting blood pressure, pushing, pulling (on the doctor’s end, that is), a threatened c-section, and one last, tailbone-breaking, final push, Jack was delivered into this world (thankfully) a healthy, breathing baby. Needless to say, I am not wanting to relive that experience. I am now accepting prayers and asking for prayers that everything goes smoothly for little baby Cole. Would you join me in praying that:

– the umblical cord is not wrapped around baby Cole in anyway

– that I do not re-injure my still healing tailbone during delivery

– that I can labor and progress naturally and quickly, as my big God intended, without the need for Pitocin or any other labor inducing drug

– that Cole comes into this world the same happy, healthy, kick-kicking little boy that he is in my belly

Thank you so much! Only 8-ish more weeks to go!

With love, Malorie