I love my family.

I love that my family has yearly, uncompromisable, traditions that we must do each year.

Like dying eggs and hunting them at Easter..

…like watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in our jams while eating orange sweet rolls…

…or like carving Jack-o-lanterns…

Every. Year.

This Saturday was our annual pumpkin carving day! Yay! I loved it. My MeMama (the instigator and enforcer of many of our annual family traditions) and Grandpa drove up from Macon to my mom’s house with supplies in tow. She got these multicolored pumpkins this year, and I kind of loved them!

Jack and I did the cleaning…

…Tim did the carving.

Of course, MeMama, being the perfect Grand(and Great Grand)mother that she is, did not forget a pumpkin for little Baby Cole! Uncle Zack did the cleaning and carving on that one, and did a marvelous job, if I do say so myself!

So fun!

And as promised, I got a few belly shots of Cole.

My how lovely life can be.

Sometimes people in my family will gripe about doing the same things over and over each year. Sometimes there will be drama about silly things like, “You hosted it last year! It’s my turn to host this year!”

But at the end of the day, who is going to celebrate your life if you don’t?

At the end of the day, and at the end of our lives, it’s days just like these that are going to be the most vivid and fond memories we have. Treasure them up, because blessed is the one who at the end of time has a drawer full of happy moments to look back on and say, “That was my life.”

With love, Malorie