If you are friends with me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, you knew this post was coming.

This Wednesday evening Tim took me to see Hanson play at the Variety Playhouse!

Yes, I am a Hanson fan.

Yes, Hanson is still a band. They still write music. They still tour. They dumped their label in 2003, started their own Indy label, and have been playing ever since.

This was my 5th time seeing them in concert.

I’ve met them twice.

Tim has been super busy with work lately. Ever since we have gotten back from Disney, our time together has been very limited; especially quality time, which happens to rank a very close 2nd in my Love Language needs. Knowing that I have been running a little low in the quality time tanks, Tim surprised me with a date night that he knew I would love. What a guy…

Tim’s mom came over and so graciously watched Jack for us that evening. As soon as Tim got home from work we jetted out of the door and grabbed a slice of the yummiest pizza ever at Fellini’s downtown. Fellini’s just happens to be one of the stops we made on our first official date. (All of these pics were taken on our iPhones. Excuse the poor quality.)

Next? Well, you can’t go into Atlanta without a stop at Krispy Kreme.

After buying our box full of sugar, we headed to the Variety Playhouse. When we got there we were a little confused about parking. They said on the website that they had free street parking and a lot that was $7. We pulled into what we thought was the lot, right next to the venue, but it was really small, full of cars, and Hanson’s tour bus was parked at the back of it.

Tim said, “Hey. There’s their bus.” Just then a man with his hair pulled into a low ponytail in skinny-ish jeans, a t-shirt, and leather jacket walked right in front of our car, waving down an SUV that had pulled in before us. “Hey, I bet that’s one of their roadies.”

“Oooor that’s Zac Hanson.”

“Really? Hey, lets ask where we should park.” Now Tim has both driver and passenger-side windows rolled down, iPhone in hand, practically laying in my lap, hand almost out of the window trying to get a Twitpic of Zac. [Some exaggerations may have been made in the previous statement.]

Mortified, because I never want to be “that fan”, I put on my Mommy “no-no” eyes and screech under my breath, “Please, don’t embarrass me!!”

After a couple more seconds of tortured, desperate pleading, Tim digressed and we headed out to find the lot that we were supposed to be in, which was just next door. We payed for our spot, I dropped my iPhone and cracked the screen (yeah! Jack can throw it across the house all day and it’s fine, but drop it a foot in a parking lot and it’s done for…ugh), and we made our way inside.

The show was superb. I, of course, knew every song and insisted on singing and dancing along the whole time like I was 12 again. I kept thinking that if I were just a few weeks further along, I would probably have bounced little Cole right out. That would have been a story…going into labor at a Hanson concert.

Tim enjoyed the show moderately. He doesn’t mind Hanson’s music, but he admits that he’s never bored at any sort of concert. He’s such a techie that he can be entertained enough just by observing and critiquing the lighting and sound, guitar and drum techs, etc.

Yup, I married a nerd. But I’d venture to say that he married an even bigger one.

Needless to say, it was a great night. I felt thoroughly loved and spoiled by the end of it…especially when Tim also bought me a concert t-shirt!

He loves me. And I’m a very blessed girl, indeed.

With love, Malorie