Somebody did something really special last night.

Somebody slept all night long in their big boy bed.

He’s been napping very consistently in it for the past month, so last night we decided it was time to try the all-nighter. He flips and flops, twists and turns, and as you see, moves his pillow and blankie all around with him; but he never gets out of bed and he has never once fallen out…thank goodness.

Today, Tim and I decided that since he did so well, we might as well just go cold turkey. We actually moved the crib out of his room and into Cole’s. Eek! We figured “out of sight, out of mind”, and we didn’t want to put him back in the crib and confuse anything.

So our baby boy is officially a big boy.

How did we celebrate?

Mommy made “cake cakes”, of course!


He may or may not have only eaten about two bites of them and then turned them away for banana oatmeal and strawberry-banana yogurt.

Oh well, at least he responded positively to all of the verbal affirmation we were giving him for his night of crib-free independence.

“Yaaaay, Jack Jack! Good boy! He sleep in his big boy bed all night long!”

So. Proud.

Baby Cole, the crib is ready and waiting.

With love, Malorie