Today we had another incident.

While “helping” me cook lunch (i.e. pulling out pots from the bottom cabinets and shoving them up on the stove, putting a pot-holder glove on his arm, blowing on the hot oven, and whining because I never go fast enough despite all of these efforts to speed the process) Jack “smooshed” his finger in the silverware drawer.

Ohh smooshed fingers.

And stumped toes, busted lips, bumped heads, bitten tongues, and worst of all, hurt feelings.

Sometimes do you mommies out there feel more like nurses than moms?

I definitely do, because ever since Jack hit the ground toddling (which then led to walking, and now to his incessant running to and fro…I swear he’s like Forest Gump once his braces fell off. I can’t help but quote the old man outside of the barber shop, “That boy is a runnin’ fool.”) we encounter these types of boo-boo’s weekly, if not at times, daily. But alas, God gives us some sort of super natural ability to know what to do, does he not? It’s so funny how no matter the situation, I always have some sort of instinct as to what will make it all better again.

Here’s this Mommy’s list of what to do with a boo-boo:

1. Let’s start with today. A smooshed finger.

Jack loves to open and close drawers, so this one comes up often at different severity levels. When all I get is the “ouch face” (pain stricken eyes, gaping mouth, paralyzed hand and arm of the fore-mentioned, unfortunate, lingering finger) a simple, “Uh oh! You smoosh a finger?” [Kiss finger.] “You need to be careful.” works just fine. If needed, and since no tears are involved, if the drawer was a “no-no” drawer, I will proceed to softly scold the action of opening and closing the drawer.

However, today was one of the more severe smooshes. The event was followed by an immediate wail and clutching of the poor little red (and I’m sure throbbing) finger. The cure? An examination by Mommy, a hug combined with a, “I’m so sorry that happened, Buddy.” Next it was a sit on the side of the kitchen sink with cold water running over his hand. As soon as his hand hit the water he was fine.

The only severity I have not encountered is the  “He needs stitches”/”Ohmigosh, his finger is falling off” smoosh. That one, I’m praying against. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

2. Stumped toe.

This has only happened once. A bounce on the lap was all it took.

3. Busted lip.

I’ve had two or three bad bleeders with this runnin’ fool. Every time though, despite the blood, a wet rag to suck on, followed by a piece of ice hair-tied inside of that wet rag made it all better. In fact, he loved it so much, I think he kind of thought it was a refreshing, hydrating snack. Either way, tears were gone, blood was clotted, spirits were lifted.

I’m gonna just go ahead and pray against the forced and early Tooth Fairy visit, as well. Knocked out teeth are not welcomed here.

4. Tumbles and bumped heads.

My boy’s a brave one. I’ve learned to not make a big deal. If I do, he does. Usually I’ll acknowledge it with a, “Bonk! Uh oh. You’re okay.” 99% of the time, he is. If it is a more severe “bonk”, I’ll hug, examine, then distract. And no worries, my own sweet mother is actually a nurse, so I’ve learned to look for signs of significant head injury (i.e. bumps, bleeding, sleepiness, incessant crying, vomiting…).

Man, lots of prayer happening throughout this post. Am I inciting paranoia in anyone else?

5. Bitten tongues during meal time.

What a silly thing. But we all know how painful this can be. An acknowledgement and encouraged sip of water is all it takes.

6. The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, hurt feelings.

Ugh. There is no real answer. There is no “works like a charm every time”. All there is is instinct and patience…and most of the time, the crafty art of distraction.

So those are my Mommy not-so-secrets to boo-boo what to do’s. What are you yours? Swapping Mommy advice can be a very powerful thing…

With love, Malorie